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I will sing and collect bread – Timi Dakolo Responds After Being Dragged For Singing At Atiku’s Political Event

Popular Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has replied to those who condemned him for singing at former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s event.

Dakolo was the guest singer as Atiku declared his intention to run again for presidency come 2023 and a clip of Timi’s performance was shared on the former vice president’s Twitter page.

This did not sit well with Netizens who went as far as accusing him of collecting brown envelopes, yet seeking to change old leaders.

An Instagram user with the username @olaolu_thaniel called out Dakolo for singing and endorsing Atiku for the presidency.

“They have started singing in political rallies ohhh @timidakolo is live at Abuja international conference center singing and endorsing DPD’s Atiku.

Let it be known that @timidakolo endorsed Atiku,” he wrote.

The singer, in his reply, justified his action and told the critic to come up with a song of his own if he’s so pained because he will keep singing to collect his bread.

“I will sing and collect bread my Guy, if it pains you well well, go sing your own,”Timi replied.

However, some took sides with Dakolo. They opined that his performance at Atiku’s declaration for the presidency doesn’t mean he endorsed the former Vice President.

Ogbenidipo wrote, “Timi Dakolo will not be cancelled because he performed at a PDP related gig. If it was for an APC candidate online thugs would have started abusing his entire family. Awon Alabosi Onisonu.”

@Novieverest “If you collect N5m money to sing for a candidate that you don’t trust, you are not different from the poor man or woman that collects N5k to vote too. We have to stand upright in this country. You support Timi Dakolo, but you berate “Pastor” Taribo West.”

Faithy_Lambo “No, this is very different in all ways. Dakolo sings for a living and gets hired to do his job. Are we going to tell printing press companies not to take jobs from Atiku when it comes to printing his posters too? Remember someone was the DJ there today too? Election is way beyond this.”

@Chyder “As a musician performing at any political party’s event doesn’t mean you are endorsing the party or supporting the party. It is work and it is what it is. If they call you for a job, you will go for it. Simple.”

DrPenking “Timi Dakolo performing for Atiku’s campaign is exactly the reason Nigerian politicians keep Nigerians in poverty-so that they will always be at their beck and call.If Timi lived in a working society with his talent,he wouldn’t need to perform for an old thief to stay afloat.”

CelebPercy “Timi Dakolo is paid to sing, that’s his job. It’s like saying you’re a baker and then Atiku pays you to bake for him and you’ll say no. That doesn’t mean he’s supporting anybody just doing his job.”

@AkinJide21 “Everyone trying to guarantee their stomach infrastructure,no conscience.”

@MojiDelanoblog “Timi Dakolo can sing anywhere he so pleases. He’s a singer, his job is to sing. Whether or not he supports the person in question is a different conversation. Let the man get his paper abeg.”

Sports_Doctor “Timi Dakolo is a singer and he just did his job by singing at Atiku’s presidential declaration. Taribo West is a pastor and he just did his job of praying when they visited Tinubu. Don’t support one and criticize the other, they both left with brown envelopes.”

@Imamazinggracie “Timi Dakolo sang at the political gathering shouldn’t be a point of discussion, it’s business. The crazy fact is if APC calls the same man to sing at their convention, he will gladly accept it.That doesn’t mean he’s endorsing the party.”

Kruptos6 “This election has just exposed so many hungry people but in sports and entertainment endorsing those with FAT POCKETS! This country is doo*ed.”

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