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“If my dogs doesn’t like you, we can’t date” – DJ Cuppy shade prospective suitors

Billionaire daughter and disk jockey, Cuppy recently acquired a set of Pomeranian dog breed whom she named Dudu and Funfun. The dogs have become her center of attraction and attention as she recently posted about people sending her dogs their account numbers. 

Cuppy’s initial post of fans sending their account numbers to her dogs heated up the internet. Despite the trolling, she continues to take her new ‘sons’ seriously as she affirms that her dogs determine whoever she is going to date. 

They say wahala be like what again? Cuppy’s dogs are the determinants of her date. The disc jockey clearly stated that “If Dúdú and FünFün don’t like you, we can’t date”. Looks like her prospective toasters and chykers will first have to fall in love with her dogs before they gain her attention. 

This is getting more interesting, as Cuppy also set up an instagram account for her puppies. Fans have wasted no time to shade and react to this development. Others prayed that dogs shall not be her babies and the others supported that if people don’t love her pet, she shouldn’t be loved either. 

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