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If Wishes Were Horses: Ubi Franklin Went Back To Memory Lane With His Ex-Wife Lilian Esoro.

Nigerian artist manager and businessman Ubi franklin express his feelings on how marriages which he admires go bad and dirty.
Ubi got married in 2015, November 1, to Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro, but their marriage couldn’t stand the test of time, as Ubi was alleged to have cheated on his wife Lilian, which led to their divorce a few years after they welcomed their son “Jayden” in 2016.

The made men music group (triple mg) boss is currently a father of 4 Zaneta, Ariella, Shiloh, and Jayden, all from different women.

Recalling his admiration for couples he’s known being happily married but now apart, Ubi took to his Instagram page to share a couple of advice and lessons he has learned after his divorce from Lilian. He wrote:

“I remeber when i was having issues in my marriage, i will admire how perfect others were from the outside and get very pissed thatminewas falling apart while others were tagged relationship or marriage goals.”

“after 4 years of seperation, i have watched my marriages i admire go bad and dirty. like they say, no man is rich or poor, we are only a result of our decisions.”

“Live for yourself and no one else. Everything na scam, do you and make yours work in your own way❤️🙏🏿”

Ubi finally concluded by saying that people should live for themselves and no one else.

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