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If you’re still called a yahoo boy you don’t have money, the goal is to be called a ritualist – BBNaija’s Ike Onyema

BBNaija’s Ike Onyema has made a rather hilarious post, implying that it is more notable to be called a ritualist than a yahoo boy. Reasons being that as a yahoo boy, you don’t have money but a ritualist is influential and wealthy to the core.

This whole tension ensued after socialite, Obi Cubana, organised a rather lavish funeral party for his late mother. A funeral which had a lot of individuals publicly display their wealth. This got the public talking and voice out their different opinions.

Some reached out to actors who play roles of ritualists in movies, begging them to show them the way. Others simply gave their opinions, as in the case of Ike who opined that “the goal is to be called a ritualist. If dem still dey calls you yahoo boy, you never get money.

Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial has passed but it appears the businessman and his group of friends are far from over with their flamboyant display of wealth. 

Celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest recently posted a video on Instagram showing how he massaged the businessman with cash, saying that the celebrant has been stressed from the celebration of the past few days and he had to treat him to a money therapy session.

He wrote: “Had To Come Through For Pappy With Some Money Massage It’s Called MoneyTheraphy. 7 Straight Days Of Massive Doings, Now You Understand What I Mean When I Say We Own The ShowBiz Market. Oba City Of Dorimeeeeee.”

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