Iggy Azalea Leaks X-rated DMs Of High-Profile Celebrities

Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea shared screenshots on TikTok, unveiling explicit messages from a number
of high-profile celebrities.

She shared screenshots of the crude messages she’d received, whilst blanking the user names to keep
the celebrities anonymous.

A celebrity with 8.9million followers offered her $15,000 just to have a phone conversation with her, “I’ll
pay you for your time. I’ll give you 15k just to speak to me and have a conversation, Over the phone or
on here. I’ll Cash App the money” he begged.

Another celebrity with 6.2million fans made an X-rated offer, saying “You need a Pooh Bear, I’ll eat it
thing like a jar of honey.”

One fan begged her to reveal the identities of her inappropriate admirers, she simply replied “They
know who they are, this is as mean as I can be lol.

The rapper talked about the number of famous people in her DMs in her explicit new song, Sip It.
“Rappers in my phone / in my DM / Won’t leave me alone”.

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