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I’ll Eat Off Your Ears, MIKE TYSON Warns Roy Jones Jr, As He Gets Ready For Their Fight This Weekend.

American boxer Michael Gerard Tyson professionally known as Mike Tyson seems to be all geared up for his fight this weekend with Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson all ready for his fight with Roy jones jr on Saturday, November 28, while celebrating thanksgiving, made a cake in the shape of Roy jones Jr’s head, showing how he’s going to beat up Roy in their fight, mike cut off Roy’s ear from the cake and ate it.

This can only mean one thing, mike Tyson, is trying to send a message to Roy to either get ready to be beaten up like a baby or get ready to get his ears chopped off in their fight this weekend.

Meanwhile, Roy jones jr is yet to respond to mike’s hilarious act. But then we have less than 48 hours to the fight, lets just wait and see if Roy’s ear is going to be chopped off or not

Before now, Roy and mike have earlier stated that their fight this Saturday will be a fun one for their viewers as they will try to knock each other out in the fight, as they will fight each other like the pro that they both are.

Mike and Roy both shared a post on their Instagram page, showing a throwback of their fight as they tell their fans they’re ready for Saturday, asking if they are ready.

“Tyson vs Jones, I’m ready for Saturday, are you? November 28th, 9 pm et #TysonJones #FrontlineBattle

Looking at the last time Mike Tyson fought, which was in 2005 and Roy, whose last fight was in 2018, and their age differences Mike is 54 and Roy is 51, the fight will definitely be a tough one no doubt as they are both tough fighters.

But then, who do you think will bring home the belt on Saturday?

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