I’ll Hire a Beautiful Babe to Seduce my Husband”- Actress Shyngle

Actress Princess Shyngle is of the opinion that if she ever suspects her husband to be cheating on her, she will hire a beautiful babe to seduce her husband and prove her suspicious.

Shyngle made this known in an Instagram post and she said that should her husband fall for this trap, she’s quite unsure of the next step to take.

She also disclosed that she’s a jealous partner when she’s in love and will have to work on this trait before walking into another relationship.

She wrote; “If I ever get married and I feel my husband is cheating on me but I’ve never caught him, I will literally find a beautiful hot girl that I’ll pay to seduce him.. If she succeeds, hmmmmmm, I don’t know what I will do honestly.

I’m such a freaking jealous partner when I’m in love and it sucks lol. I guess I need to work on that before I ever try to date again.”

In a different post in November, the actress also had this to say about cheating partners;

“If married women also cheat anytime they catch their husband’s cheating, I promise you married men will start thinking twice before cheating on their wives. The rate of divorce will reduce,” she wrote.

My little advice to all married women, if they cheat, cheat back. They will start behaving. 

Dear future hubby, I hope you’re reading this”.

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