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“I’m Done!”- Annie Idibia cries out again, Says 2baba sneaked to see his baby mama, Pero

A whole lot seems to be going wrong in the love lives and marriages of Nigerian Celebrities. Just when we thought we had gotten over the Idibia family tussle, and almost clearing out with the Tonto-Kpokpogri saga, Annie’s leaked tape pops up, where she’s threatening to scatter everything because Tuface sneaked to the US to see Pero.

Recall that Annie had publicly called out Tuface over infidelity, alleging that he uses his kids as an excuse to get sexually involved with his baby mama, Pero. A revelation that heated the internet and triggered reactions among Netizens.

In a recent development, there was leaked audio of the actress who was heard saying that her husband traveled to America without her knowledge Annie stated that the trip was planned by his manager and cousin, adding that Tubaba’s family hates her.

I’m going to scatter everything. I’ll ruin everything. Nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. My husband told me he had a shoot today and packed his things and his cousin helped him plan it. His family does not love me, they hate me. They’ve been giving me hell for the past years. My husband is on his way to America. He planned with Frankie and Efe Omoregbe. I don’t deserve this. He thinks I’m in his way. He’s on his way to America without telling me. He’s going to see Pero.” 

Amidst the ongoing tussle, Tubaba hasn’t released any statement but his brother and wife, Charles and Rosemary Idibia were quick to attack Annie for publicly blasting Tuface. 

Reacting, Rose said 2face saved Annie’s reputation by not telling his side of the story.

“They tried to damage your reputation, you saved theirs by not telling your side of the story,” she wrote

Charles Idibia on the other hand, called Annie fetish, saying that her rants online are because her plans with his brother failed this time around. This comment didn’t sit well with popular relationship expert, Blessing Okori, who was quick to rubbish that assertion.

In reaction to Charles claim, Blessing said that if Annie was fetish, 2baba would never be unfaithful as she would have “locked him in a bottle”.

In her words,

“2Face’s brother came to write that Annie Macaulay is fetish and there was a statement he said, 2face is suffering and 2face is dying. Really?

So you are trying to make the public feel that Annie Macaulay wants to kill him. Everything 2face Idibia is going through today is the consequences of his mistakes. If 2face is my brother or friend, I will tell him ‘Oga anything wey deydo you today for your marriage na your Karma’.

When you men are sleeping around with different women, what do you expect will happen to you? There are consequences to it. So any consequences that 2face is suffering today, it is the things that he did.

Leave Annie Macaulay alone. That woman has tried. If today she says she is not doing again, Kudos to her. That woman has tried. You say Annie Macaulay is fetish. 2face Idibia is saying that Annie Macaulay is fetish.If Annie Macaulay was truly fetish, 2face Idibia will not be unfaithful, he will not be sleeping around.

Fetish women used to push their men inside bottle. Fetish women control men. Fetish women control their men’s manhood”.

Meanwhile, controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo also joined the list of notable personalities who have continued to react to the crisis currently rocking the marriage of Annie Idibia and 2baba.

According to Kemi Olunloyo, who started with the hashtag, “marriage is a scam”, took side with Annie Macaulay. She equally likened Annie’s marriage crisis to that of late Princess Diana. She described Annie as a woman with a beautiful heart, but unfortunately, she’s surrounded by many people in her marriage.

Kemi Olunloyo equally claimed that Annie’s reconciliation with Pero in 2018 was fake, and though she said it then, but that she was abused for saying that. She equally claimed that the main agenda being pursued by Pero is to become 2Baba’s second wife, but Annie will never approve of that, not after the sacrifices she has made for 2bab. Kemi went ahead to task 2Baba to go and write his will.

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