“I’m holding onto this grudge till I die”- Lyta’s baby mama vows never to forgive him

Lyta’s baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde has publicly called out Lyta a couple of times, alleging that he is not carrying out his fatherly duties and responsibilities to their son.

In a recent post, she revealed that he reached out to her seeking her forgiveness but she has vowed to never forgive him for allegedly cheating on her and infecting her with an incurable STD.

According to her, she can’t forgive and forget just like that, she also added that she is going to hold on to the grudge till she dies.

She wrote;” This boy called and said forgive and forget??? Just like thattttttt? no apology, no nothing. It’s the audacity for me” like woow!!!!! With everythinggggggggggggggg?? Said already I’m holding onto this grudge till I die, you can go to hell bruuhh.”

During their son’s birthday, she called the singer out for not getting his son a balloon of N13,000 adding that she will never date a broke guy again because in her past relationships, she has been the money maker.

“During my pregnancy, I went through a lil financial breakdown with buying baby items and trying to get myself and family together during Covid which had a massive impact on my credit score 9months later after giving birth, I tripled my credit score

One thing about me, imma work hard for my money!!!!

And p.s I ain’t dating no broke nigga again, most of my relationships I’ve been the moneymaker, treating and spending on their ungrateful ass’s. I’ve dated a rich guy before so I know how things should be. And yes I said what I said, make everybody gettat”, Kemi said.

In a series of posts, Kemi also revealed how the singer infected her with STD, which her baby was born with and how he allegedly refused to see her in the UK, only for her to find out he was with another woman.

Lyta is yet to make a statement regarding all th allegations levelled against him by his baby mama.

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