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Influencer Enioluwa becomes a European Union Ambassador

Popular influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa has announced that the European Union has appointed him as its ambassador to Africa.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a well-known social media figure, shared the news on his Twitter page, stating that this is a chance to assist others, give to charity, and work with a group like @EUinNigeria that supports people and communities. He emphasized the fact that he hopes to see the opportunity open to other people in the industry.

“Super excited and honoured to announce my role with the European Union as the EU-Africa Ambassador”, he wrote.

“This is an opportunity to serve, support charities, and work with an organization such as @EUinNigeria that supports individuals and communities. I am indeed honoured and grateful and hopeful that this opens doors not just for me but for many others!,” he added.

After earning the prize for most outstanding director at the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Festival, Enioluwa was recognized as the youngest director in Nigeria in 2019.

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