Isbae U opens up on cheating scandal, domestic violence and his crashed relationship with Mummy Wa

Popular Nigerian skitmaker, Adebayo Ridwan, better known as Isbae U has confirmed that all is not well in his relationship with his girlfriend and colleague, Kemi Ikuseedun better known as Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama).

It all started out as a rumour when controversial blogger, Gistlovers reported that their relationship was falling apart. The skitmaker who was already trending for giving skit roles to ladies in return for sex was accused of violating his partner and colleague, Mummy Wa, to the extent he beat her up while they were shooting on set.

The blogger also accused Isbae U of extorting Mummy Wa of her hard-earned money as well as bringing females into the house they both contributed to build.

Defending himself, Isbae U via his Instagram stories told his side of the story. According to him, the money Mummy Wa gave him was just a mere contribution to the house and car he bought and that she gave it to him out of love not forcefully.

He further revealed that he had started paying her back in bits, hoping to balance up with time.

Narrating his side of the story, Bae U said,“We were in love, I know.

it looks bad now, but oh…I swear we were in love. About the house, yes out of like 50million she supported me with 4m and she even said “I wish. I had more to give you and I said “oh this is important to me”. I didn’t beg her for the money and never forcefully collected it from her, never never it was love that made her do it and I have done so so much for her too that I don’t even need to mention, she also wiling gave me 2m from what I used to get my car, which she was already planning to surprise me with ..and now that she said she wants the money back because she’s so sure I am with my ex.

I sent her I’m already and I have agreed to pay the rest with no argument.”

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