“I’ve tried to do runz but it’s not even easy”- Shade Ladipo

Media Personality, Shade Ladipo has revealed through Instagram that she has tried to do “runs” but it’s not easy.

Shade said she used to be one of those who looked down on “runs girls” until she realized that the “job” actually requires more than a regular job.

According to the media personality, to be a runs girl, you have to look a certain way, be a certain way, be on someone’s clock constantly, pretend to be interested in people who make you gag, as well as numb your feelings in order to prepare to be the person your customer wants you to be.

Most importantly, she added that to succeed in the business, one must be money-driven, which is what she lacks. She further explained that she is not a saint but would rather make money her own way than the “runs girl” way because runz work is hard work and she can’t work that hard.

She concluded by advising her “sugar babies” to live their life on their own terms and never allow anyone shame them for their choice.

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