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Iyabo Ojo reacts to Yomi Fabiyi’s movie, calls on TAMPAN to take action

Iyabo Ojo has reacted to Yomi Fabiyi’s controversial movie, ‘Oko Iyabo’. The movie is said to have depicted the whole Baba Ijesha issue, including the role Iyabo Ojo has to play in the entire case. She also called on the Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), to take action.

The actress has been involved in public disputes with actor Yomi Fabiyi after they found themselves on different sides following the sexual abuse of Princess’s daughter, with Iyabo demanding justice for the underage girl and Yomi defending the accused, Baba Ijesha.

Iyabo’s vocal defense actually led to her being suspended from the Association of TAMPAN. A press conference was held in her regard, as they barred directors from working with her.

Iyabo called on TAMPAN to hold yet another press conference and address the sad issue on Fabiyi’s movie which promotes abuse and ridicules the girl child.

Here’s what she wrote;

“The events of the past few weeks involving one of our colleagues before the Court has drawn lots of reactions from different quarters, however, it is necessary we exercise patience, so we don’t fall into the danger of intruding into the sacred issues already instituted. Yet, civility demand all parties, both those directly involved and other interested parties hesitate from being too emotional or bias about the plague of children molestation ravaging our society.

Therefore, as a victim of sexual violence and stakeholder in the film industry, we are obliged to jealously guard our actions and activities not to jeopardise the very cherished societal values we hold dear to our hearts.

It is no longer news that Yomi Fabiyi just released a movie, titled, “oko iyabo” that portrayed a young girl with the mischievous career goal to be a prostitute. I’m honestly waiting for our elders in the industry to grant another press conference and address the sad issue on a movie that promotes abuse and ridicules a girl child, has been a gross violation of the fundamental human right to dignity and more so, against the child rights law of Lagos state.

This is even against the court ruling that individuals should refrain from commenting or doing anything that would undermine the powers of the court or unduly influence the proceedings in court.It is tragic to see a movie teaching our children that it is right to have a relationship with an adult.

The President of Tampan @mrlatin1510 our elders @princejidekosoko @adebayo.salam should swing into action and caution the producer and all persons involved in this film. Ironically, Yomi calls himself a friend and junior colleague to baba ijesha yet at every slightest opportunity, you are using his situation to your advantage, to project your fame.

You call yourself a human rights activist but yet you have subjected a minor and girl to more ridicule and abuse. Take note, an army of bias adults and myopic persons can never silence my voice.

The narration of the dastardly act cannot be misinterpreted. No adult should be allowed to intimidate or deprive that 14years old girl of getting justice. The wheel of justice grind slowly but justice shall be served.

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