James Brown Receives Royal Welcome Back to Nigeria after Months in London

Self-proclaimed Princess of Africa, James Obialor Brown has returned to Nigeria after spending months in the United Kingdom.

James traveled to the UK in February for a course. After spending three months in the UK, James Brown is back and he was welcomed back into the country in style. The crossdresser was met at the airport with a crew consisting of his sister, friends, a group of drummers, and a surprise company. 

The video further showed James’ departure from the airport in what seemed to be an executive car before finding his way to his apartment. The voice-over of the video was done by the crossdresser himself and he assured fans that they would know why he returned to the country soon enough. 

James Brown triggered a lot of reactions when he left for the UK in February. James Brown made it known that his visit to the UK isn’t just for pleasure but to further his education. To sum it up, James uploaded a video of himself in a class making a presentation at a UK university.

Pained by his achievement, Bobrisky decided to shade the self-acclaimed Princess of Africa, alleging that good UK schools don’t operate in winter and his presentation was only a media stunt.

After Bob had incessantly trolled James on social media as he relocated to the UK for his studies, Solomon Buchi reacted. 

In a series of posts on Twitter, the writer told Bob to leave James alone because he is on his way to sustainable relevance. 

Buchi accused Bobrisky of not having class and wisdom, whilst stating that everything is not about the money that the crossdresser is known to brag with. 

The writer advised Bob to face his own ministry which consists of talking in fake accents on Snapchat, dancing like a sheep, and bragging about being the richest person. 

According to Buchi, James appears to be more liked by people because he is entertaining.  On a final note, the writer told Bob to stop berating James’ decision to study abroad. 

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