Jane Mena Reacts to Tonto Dikeh’s sex tape allegations

Popular dancer, Jane Mena was recently dragged into the Tonto-Kpokpogri mess, with Tonto alleging that Kpokpogri still has the married dancer’s explicit tapes in his possession.

Tonto took to her page to once again share the leaked tapes of Kpokpogri speaking with another lady about his ‘sexcapades’ while with Tonto. The actress went on to disclose that Kpokpogri had several sex tapes of the popular dancer, Jane Mena, in his possession as well as those of other married women, celebrities and single ladies.

Tonto wrote, “This may be a good time to say @janemena this man has so much of your sex tapes with him in his possession (old and very recent). Not just you but a lot of other married women, celebrities, and single girls too… “If he hasn’t blackmailed any of you yet it’s a matter of time!!”.

Reacting to this allegation, the Isoko twerker shared a photo of herself on her Instagram page and displayed her location as a”sex tapes record”.

Responding to the entire Saga, a social media user, Hydra sarcastically supported Jane Mena, saying that her husband has no issues with her posting her twerk contents so invariably, he wouldn’t have issues with her making sex tapes and cheating.

@Hydra wrote, “They said Jane Mena’s husband is fine with her posting the kind of content she posts. Please he’s also fine with her making sex tapes and cheating.

What works for you will not work for others. Let people be”.

Popular Instagram blogger, Gistlovers had disclosed that Jane Mena has been on Prince’s list way back before he met Tonto and before she met her husband. Gistlovers alleged that Prince is one of Mena’s heavy sponsors, hence the reason she doesn’t want to leave him, even after settling down.

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