Jay-Z Already Sold Kanye’s Masters, AJ Mclean Lashes Out At Kanye As His Fight For Masters Leads To A Dead End.

American singer, song writer, actor, model and dancer, Alexander James McLean has come out to address the viral video of Kanye taking a leak on his Grammy award.

You’ll recall that these past few weeks have been a tough one for Kanye. Starting from his fight to become the next president of the United State of America, to him getting off a cold riff with Universal Music fighting for the masters of all of his records and now  to him planning on making a change in the music industry stating that the blacks are being exploited by the whites and it has to stop.

Well, looks like AJ McLean, a member of the music group backstreet boys, is not in support of Kanye taking a pee on his Grammy.

AJ McLean

According to TMZ, they reached out to AJ if artists should own their own Masters recordings. AJ despite seeing the act of Kanye peeing on his Grammy couldn’t agree less to Kanye’s point stating that artists should own their own masters as it is their intellectual property and right, despite signing to a label.

On the other hand, there are claims that Jay-Z sold Kanye’s masters to all of his albums just so he can get his own back. He was said to have done so because he knew then that the labels won’t sell it to Kanye in the future.

Well, Kanye has come out to debunk the rumors that Jay-Z sold his masters saying that even Jay is yet to have his own Masters. With their joint effort, they will both get back what’s theirs. He also went on to say that he and Jay-Z are still brothers and no one can come between them.

Well, does this mean that Kanye’s fight on getting his masters back is a dead-end because Universal Music is yet to reply Kanye.

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