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Jeffree Star Drops Hints On His Rumored Relationship With Kanye West.

Kanye West’s alleged lover Jeffree Star has reacted to the rumor that he and Kanye are having an affair.

You’ll recall we reported that Kim Kardashian was said to have filed for divorce because Kanye was cheating on her. Rumor has it that American beauty mogul Jeffrey star was Kanye side piece.

Well, Jeffree might have just triggered the rumor to be accurate as he posted a photo of him on social media, wearing a pink bathrobe. He wrote: “I’m ready for Sunday Service.”

With such a post and writeup referring to Kanye’s Sunday service amid his rumored divorce, Star might just be dropping the green light about him and ye. Well, he didn’t say either if he and ye are seeing each other or not.

Jeffree has also dropped a couple of hints previously on Keemstar’s show about his relationship with West. Though his answers were not direct, he ended up laughing, saying he is having the best time in Wyoming and Keemstar should come to visit sometime.

Well, like you all know, Wyoming is where Kanye is currently living while he and Kim are going through the divorce process.

On the other hand, there is no confirmation yet if Jeffree and Ye are dating or ever dated.

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