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Jim Iyke attacks Uche Maduagwu for Questioning his source of Wealth

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke was caught on tape assaulting a social critic and fellow actor, Uche Maduagwu.

Uche Maduagwu provoked Jim Iyke in a post where he trolled the actor, implying that acting isn’t his only source of wealth and he is likely a ‘scammer’ or a ‘ritualist’ because of his exorbitant lifestyle.

Uche in an Instagram post said he will leave Nollywood if Jim Iyke reveals his source of wealth. He threatened to invite the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to investigate his colleague, citing that the Nigerians are yet to recover from the shame Hushpuppi brought upon the country.

Sharing photos of JimIyke, Maduagwu wrote; “Please nobody should beg me on this matter because I have already made up my mind on this issue. Is JimIyke the only one in Nollywood? Look at the expensive lifestyle e dey LIVE up and down in Lagos and Abuja? Someone told me e no DEY buy expensive clothe from naija again, e now import the most expensive ones abroad, please what is his source of wealth again? Any day we meet or see I go use my Abuja connection to beg EFCC boss to invite am, we never recover from what hushpuppi do us, now this one is changing expensive CARS up and down like Hushpuppi of movie industry, even if dem pay me ten million Naira to enter movie location with am, if e no tell us his source of wealth I go refuse”.

From the video making the rounds online, Jim Iyke managed to trace Maduagwu to his location and confronted him about his comments on social media. The confrontation progressed into a fight with people struggling to hold back Jim Iyke as he pounced on Maduagwu.

“You think I won’t find you?” Jim Iyke asked Maduagwu who seemed surprised on seeing him at his door. When Jim Iyke threw the first punch, Uche threatened to sue him. He also told Jim Iyke to leave his premises, alleging that he knows that EFCC officials are looking for him. This statement provoked Jim Iyke and he went on to attack him without remorse.

Here’s how Netizens reacted:

Iambyno: “MOOOOD!!!!! Freedom of Speech on Social Media, I Guarantee…Freedom of Speech outside Social Media i can’t……Some of you are really Moving Mad cos u have Typing Fingers…Lovely.” 

Idyl_music: “You think say all that Jim Iyke film na just film. .” 

Abiki1900: “Typical example of “I’m in my house, come and beat me” and Jim Iyke delivered..” 

Naijasinglegirl: “Obviously a publicity stunt for their bad comments movie.”

 Tbellz07: “This is staged. It is most likely for Jim Iyke’s upcoming movie . Why would uche ask “how did you find me?” That should have been the least of his problems.” 

Watch the video for more details:

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