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JJC Skillz baby mama Mella blows hot, unveils the faces of Funke’s Twins which she has hidden for years

Mella, the baby mama of JJC Skillz, has called out Nollywood actress Funke Akindele-Bello for being a bully. She also went as far as exposing the faces of Funke’s twin boys which she has hidden for years.

In a chat that surfaced online, Mella stated that Funke claims to be a sweetheart, hiding her children’s faces from the public to enable them to have their life but has no problem feeding distorted private information to slander her teenage son.

Revealing the faces of Funke Akindele’s children, Mella threatened to expose Funke Akindele’s family crisis if she dared her.

She wrote;

“Firstly I want to highlight what kind of woman Funke Akindele is. She claims to be a sweet heart but this is just a carefully crafted PR image. Funke Akindele claims to want to hind the faces of her children from the public to want them to have their life and protect them but she has no problem to anonymsonously feed distorted private information to slander my teenage son and her step son for that own personal vendetta to take the heat away from her marriage breakdown story.

The hit job about my son came from her team as also suspected by her husband Abdul Bello her husband.

If you don’t want me to expose your family then don’t expose mine. Funke and Abdul Bello”.

Reacting to this, JJC Skillz wrote, “You know yourselves,” he wrote in the caption of a video subtly cursing out Mella. In  another story, he added, “Misery needs company.”

Mella’s move of uncovering Funke Akindele’s children’s faces caused a huge buzz online and Nigerians reacted. Read some of their comments below: 

Roma_harts: “So now funke’s children are not minors to her? But her 17yrs old is a minor?” 

Biglarrie_: “We are here for d dramame dat aff follow d woman alrdy.” 

Sarah_artandcrafts: “And you posted it ? So we can go to the page and check you come talk say you cover it nah you dey make an really messy.” 

Miss_boms: “Very unnecessary bringing babies into it, her son was the one commenting stuff on Instagram.” 

Silvereze: “Never the less funke still remain my favorite.” 

Ekundharyor: “The kids are cute .. chai why that woman con do like that nah .” 

Houseofstrabella: “All the covering of face chai some people dont have joy .” 

Tifee_ajxoxo: “The woman called Funke a bully, but Hasn’t said what Funke did, she did nit give us receipt of any information, neither did she deny the accusations of her son meaning what her son did is true ahbi, but Funke is a bully how?” 

Meanwhile, all these started after Instagram blogger Cutie Julls alleged that Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz’s union is going through hard times with the wife ordering her husband to leave her house.

The allegations was backed up by one of JJC Skillz’s sons, Benito aka Beniboibb on TikTok, who dropped more bombshells about the actress.

However, the couple debunked the reports that there were issues in their marriage as they took to social media to profess love for each other.

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