Joe Rogan bets $100 that Will Smith will get divorced this year

During the 148th episode of the Patrick Bet-David Podcast, Beth-David revealed that Joe Rogan had placed a $100 bet that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith would divorce.

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage has had many ups and downs. Many fans have also speculated on whether the two will divorce, believing that Will Smith deserves better.

This year’s Oscars ceremony took an unexpected turn when Will Smith ended up slapping Chris Rock after a joke about Smith’s wife. Following that, things simply spiraled out of control. 

Many people reacted to Will Smith’s actions, and opinions were clearly divided. Jada Pinkett Smith also expressed regret that Will Smith ended up slapping Chris Rock, which infuriated many fans.

During the Patrick Bet-David Podcast, here’s an excerpt from the conversation;

Bet-David: “There was a 100-dollar bet that was made,”

Guest: The guest asked, “You and Joe Rogan?”

Bet-David: “We made a bit and the bet was what within 12 months, there’s gonna be a divorce or there’s not gonna be a divorce.”

Guest: “You said that there is going to be a divorce.”

Bet-David: “I bet on the 100-dollar divorce.”

Guest: “And Rogan said, no?”

Bet-David: “I said no one’s willing to take me on this, but he [Rogan] says I’ll bet you. Let’s bet 100 bucks. Right? “

Guest: “So, you and Joe Rogan threw down a lofty 100-dollar bet!”

Rogan also gave his reaction to the 94th annual Academy Awards controversy.

Rogan pointed out that ‘Will Smith initially laughed’ at the joke and only after seeing Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction, that he went up on the stage and took the outrageous approach.

Rogan also said, “Chris Rock said one of the most mild jokes ever.”

In addition, he criticized the Oscars for letting Smith continue on the show and even allowing him to receive an award on stage.

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