Joro blasts Etinosa over her comment, Claims she Professed Love and begged him to Marry her

Actress Etinosa Idemudia and Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin have heated up the media with their exchange which started as a result of Etinosa’s comment on Toni Tones’post.

Toni Tones had a conversation with one of her fans who opened up to her about her marriage issues. From the screenshot of the chat Toni Tones had with the fan, the unidentified fan revealed that she once caught her husband sleeping with the houseboy after she had stopped hiring maids because he used to sleep with them. She said she thought she would be safer with boys only to find out that he sleeps with men also and now she is lost and doesn’t know what to do. 

Responding to the worried married woman, Toni Tones advised her to leave the marriage as soon as possible before she contracts an incurable disease from her husband. 

Etinosa who posted the conversation on her Instagram story simply commented;‘From Joro to Joro’.

Reacting to this, Joro shared a screenshot of a message Etinosa sent to him while he was in Las Vegas in 2019, professing her love for him. Wondering if the actress thought he would marry her. He also mocked her by saying that if he brings in a lawyer she will “claim mental health or insanity”. 

Joro wrote, Etonisa I don’t know you. Keep my name out of your mouth. In 2019 when I was in Las Vegas you were in my DM saying ” YOU LOVE ME” may be thinking I will marry you? You thought you had found a husband? Lol, I thank God I ignored you as I was advised by my friends. Are you angry I did not date you? Or reply to you? So many hypocrites/ celebrities like this in my DM asking for one thing or the other. It’s a shame. If I send a lawyer to you now saying you should prove what you wrote you will claim Mental Health or Insanity. Lol”

In Etinosa’s defense, she said her comment wasn’t linked to him, that “from Joro to Joro” is a known used slang in the Nigerian lexicon and the relationship expert has no right to rant over it since he hasn’t trademarked the slang. She insisted that amidst Joro’s screenshots, his stories about her were all made up, the same way he makes up stories of hot girls he can never get hitting on him.

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