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Kaisha and Lucy Fight Dirty on BBNaija Reunion Show

The latest episode of the BBNaija Reunion Show came with a lot of drama and physical exchange, which featured Kaisha and Lucy.

The tension started when Kaisha narrated an incident involving herself, Lucy, Ka3na, and her mum in the club where they met to have fun. 

According to Kaisha, her mother liked Ka3na and wanted a photo with her. She revealed that her mother first sent Lucy before sending her sister Zainab to ask Ka3na for the photo, but she reportedly asked them to tell her mother to come to her table, the feedback she found disrespectful. 

Ka3na however maintained that she thought they were talking about Kaisha’s manager. Lucy who backed Ka3na on this, however, failed to explain why she didn’t deliver the message when she was asked to. 

As the show continued, Kaisha made a demand for them all to stop talking about her mother. Lucy fired back by asking if her mother is a fruit, insisting she was talking about fruit. This angered Kaisha who then threw a pillow at Lucy who then retaliated with a slap.

Watch the video below for more details;

Video link: https://t.co/zKcGamkbBV

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