Kano Disbands Four Emirates

The four newly established emirate councils in Kano state have been disbanded by the state’s House of Assembly. 

The dissolution of the impacted Emirates came as a result of Thursday’s House plenary debate. The Kano State Emirates Council Amendment Bill was debated on the House floor after receiving second and third readings.

Earlier, Deputy Speaker Muhammad Butu noted that repealing the law would restore Kano’s lost grandeur because the separation of Kano emirate into five decreased the state’s power and dignity on a national level.

According to the Majority Leader, Alhaji Lawan Dala, he stated that the emirate council operated as a protector of culture, which had been warped by the construction of four new emirates. The law was amended to disband all four new emirate councils, leaving only the Kano Emirate. 

The House also passed a measure to establish a new second-class emirate council in the state.

The Kano house had earlier initiated steps to amend the Kano State Emirs (Appointment and Deposition) Law.

The move could open the door for the restoration of Kano’s deposed Emir, Muhammad Sanusi II. In January 2024, former Kano governor and Kwankwasiyya movement leader Sen. Rabi’u Kwankwaso stated that the question of Kano emirates would undoubtedly be addressed. 

Former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje divided the Kano emirate into five and deposed the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II.

Following the New Nigerian Peoples Party’s victory in last year’s election, Kwankwaso stated that Abba Kabir Yusuf’s government would reconsider the emirate’s dethronement and balkanisation.

“Honestly it (the Kano Emirates issue) is one of the things that nobody has sat with me to discuss so far but I am sure we are going to sit and see how to go about it. Is it going to be allowed, demolished, corrected, or whatever? It will be revisited, and what’s supposed to be done will be done.

“There were a lot of things and this was a trap. All these things were not done in good faith or intention. It was brought with some bad intentions which every one of you here and our listeners are aware of.

“Sometimes you come with things that are good and they turn out to be bad while sometimes you bring bad things and they turn out to be good. So, all I know is that I was not consulted as of now but definitely, we will come to discuss and see what should be done.”

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