Kanu Nwankwo, Finally Reacts To Osaze Odemnwigie’s Claim Of His Wife Amara, Chasing Him Relentlessly.

Nigeria’s famous former footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, has finally responded to his colleagues Osaze Odemwingie’s claims, of his wife Amara Kanu, chasing on social media.

You’ll recall that we reported days ago that Osaze took to his Instagram story, to drag Amara Kanu, the wife of top Nigeria super eagle player Kanu Nwankwo, claiming that she is always sliding into his dm, and commenting on his post, asking him to check his dm.

We also told you how he slammed her to focus on her marriage so as not to be a disgrace to her husband Kanu Nwankwo, that a married woman is supposed to take permission from her husband before messaging another man.

Well, few days after Osaze dragged Amara on social media, her husband Kanu Nwankwo has finally reacted to Osaze’s claim about his wife chasing him and sliding into his DM relentlessly.

Kanu, who took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself and his wife all loved up, hugging and kissing, penned down a long write-up for Osaze, stating that, he will choose his family over everything else. He wrote:

 “Hahahhhahha 😄 unfortunately the world loves negative things without finding out the truth. Honestly, If we can all channel this energy towards positive things and support for charities the world will be a better place.

 I don’t understand this talk that my wife is wooing who?. 😅 Who is wooing who???

 Osaze, I am still going to choose family over everything else. By reaching out to you over a situation you passed through, or you reaching me can never be taken out of context as a Family. You got this one completely wrong my dear brother. ONE LOVE🙏🏼”

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