Kanye West And His One Man Political Party Spent $6million On His Presidential Campaign All From His Pocket.

Kanye Omari West has been dishing out lots of secret lately, like how Trump has not helped him in any way during his campaign, and how he is way richer than Trump.

Just when we thought the revelations behind Kanye running for president of the United State is over? Kanye cleared the air that he is no party to any political group in the country as he formed his own independent political party “Birthday Party”

Kanye has also come out to reveal the amount of money and effort he has put into his campaign in the forth coming election. According to west, he has single handily without the help of the acting president of the United State of America nor any political party or individual spent $6 million in the space of two months July to august just for his campaign.

Ye broke down the expenses and what the money was used for saying, he spent $4.4 million just for acquiring ballot-access service, as several lawsuit has been field to deny west of ballots.

Looks like Kanye’s $6 million all went down to him acquiring his ballots, as he has spent the remaining $2.6 million all on ballots just to get into the white house

From the look of things, Kanye might be spending more than he expected, but then for someone who is way richer than the president of USA, anything is possible, besides he has his entire family backing him up.

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