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Kanye West Dumps The Position Of US President, To Focus On His Campaign Merch.

Kanye Omari West has obviously not given up on running for the position of the president of the United States of America. Kanye has tailored his presidential campaign to him making money off his pricey line 2020 vision merch collection.

Kanye unveiled the collection worth hats $60 and hoodies $160 with the writeup “Vote Kanye” and “God Save America” on Wednesday night while the vice Presidential debate was ongoing. Ye was seen in a video wearing one of his hats with the write up “vote Kanye” and “save America” on the moderator’s head with the writeup “They had to get the merch first”

For many, Kanye has given up on this presidential run, as he is diverting his campaign focus to making money as a businessman. But the truth is, West has not completely ignored his actual campaign focus as he has listed a summary of his presidential platform.

Kanye has taken his presidential race to another level, as he has decided to “reduce household and student loan debt, work on equality in the criminal justice system and restore prayer in classrooms, etc.” Though Kanye is yet to reveal the goals he has set aside to be accomplished while if he wins.

On the other hand, Kanye’s opponent Michelle Tidball hasn’t made an appearance or any post concerning the fact that he is running for the position of the president of the united states of America, giving Kanye the upper hand in winning the forthcoming election.

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