Kanye West Releases Political Campaign Ad, Since His Announcement Of Running For Presidency.

Kanye Omari west takes his ground declaring he’s still running for the position of the united states of America. Kanye finally release his ad campaign for the very first time since he announced his interest in running for president.

In the video that trended on social media, Kanye was seen sharing his vision and mission for America, he talked about the importance of family as well as America’s destiny, using himself as a typical example, sharing young photos of him. He also sends a message about faith, religion, and prayer, with the American flag behind him and his family.

To many, Kanye’s campaign is rather too late or too early or just in time for him to start his campaign.
Kanye debunk the rumor of him running for vice president with his ad, which from most ballots trending on social, shows Kanye running for VP, not president, but Kanye is still letting the people of California know that he is still running for the position of the united states of America, as he urges them to vote for him.

Well not everyone is in support of Kanye becoming the next American president, as tweets trending shows that many do not want him to be president by writing his name in the ballot.

With less than 3 weeks left for the US presidential election, do you think Kanye will still make it through, achieving his dream of becoming America’s next president. Though he has beat top contenders during the primary, will he still make it through?

With the likes of Fat joe supporting Kanye one cant wait to see how the 4th of November will turn out, both for Kanye and the people of the United States of America.

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