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Kanye West Reveals New Hobby As He Gifts Chris Brown A Brand New Sherp Yeezy Truck.

Kanye Omari west obviously has mad love for Sherp Yeezy’s tank truck as he doesn’t just own one, but has a habit of gifting his colleagues in the industry the same truck.

You’ll recall that in September, we reported Kanye west gifting American rapper 2chainz a Sherp Yeezy truck as his birthday gift, which 2chainz gushed about all day on social media as he couldn’t thank Kanye enough. Hewrote: Woke up to a really dope present – Virgo season is upon us 💙🙌🏿 #GODISLOVE #SOHELPMEGOD

Well, looks like Kanye just got himself a new habit as he just gifted Chris brown a brand new Sherp Yeezy tank truck, just 2 months after he 2chainz the same truck on his birthday.

Chris brown filled with so much excitement, shared a photo of himself on Instagram, standing on the truck with the caption “THANK YOU KANYE ❤️ @kanyewest

The truck is said to have cost Kanye $120,000 for each truck. well, for someone who said he is richer than Donald Trump, guess $120,000 means nothing to him.

Well, who is next on Kanye’s free truck gift list? do let us know if you have an idea on who Kanye is set to gift another truck.

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