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Karma finally caught up with May Edochie after snatching Yul from her roommate – Lady spills

Everyone has had a thing or two to say in the current crisis consuming Yul Edochie’s 17year old marriage to May Edochie.

The most recent is a lady who made a rather shocking revelation of how May snatched Yul from her roommate, during their university days. The lady claims that May’s predicament is simply karma taking a tow on her and that she deserves the emotional trauma she is facing.

She wrote,

“Yul’s wife snatched him from her roomie in Uniport. Karma came knocking after 20 years. She carry a belle and Yul married her. That’s why they have a grown-up kid.

Now Yul moved to another lady. She’s forming a victim. Did she really care about her roomie when she carry belle? When people say karma doesn’t exist, I just laugh”.

Also, Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has come out to condemn those criticizing Yul. She reflected that hypocrisy is on the high side in Nigeria, being that so many women are baby mamas to married men.

In her words;

“The hypocrisy in this Nigeria is so loud… don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t make it alright, but is this not the same country that has so many women with kids from married men or (even worse single men) that laid no claims to them or the child publicly? Correct me if I am wrong.

Abi, are we going to say now, that kids born in marriage are better than kids born outside marriage?

To me, nothing beats family, and if the deed has been done, it is a strong man who owns up to his responsibility. Instead of us to make it easier for more men to come out and claim their kids, so the kids can grow up with family”.

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