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Kim Kardashian Comes Hard For Her Followers Who Call Her Daughter North West A Cheat.

Kim Kardashian has reacted to people doubting her daughter North West did a painting she shared online.

Kim had earlier shared a painting on her Instagram page made by her 7-year-old daughter North West in her painting class.

Few hours after she shared the paintings, her followers slammed her, doubting North indeed did the painting herself.

Well, Tracy Romulus, Kim’s best friend, also took to her Social Media page to share a similar painting her own son Ryan did some time ago to make people believe that North did the paintings herself.

Despite Tracy’s effort to convince Kim’s followers, they still didn’t believe North did the painting by herself.

This led to series of arguments on Kim’s comment section between her followers. While some believed North did the paintings herself, others still insisted she didn’t.

Well, the reality star couldn’t hold back her rage as she fires back at those doubting her daughter north west did the painting.

Kim proving more point that her daughter is a good painter, she shared a couple of other several paintings done by her husband Kanye West while he was much younger around North’s age.

She further warned that people should not mess with her children, stating that North has worked so hard on the painting for several weeks.

Kim went on to clear the air on why her best friend’s son. Ryan has a similar painting as North, saying they are both in the same art class.

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