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Kim Kardashian Rescues C-Murder From Life Time Imprisonment

Corey Miller otherwise known by his stage name C-Murder, an American rapper, a song writer, actor seems to be seeing the light of day sooner than he expected, all thanks to our criminal justice reform advocate Kim Kardashian.

c-murder was arrested for the murder of a 16 year old Steve Thomas on the 18th of January, 2002 and was thereafter sentenced to life time imprisonment on the 14th of august, 2009.

Though Miller has been facing different trial phases, which has been taking his stand to be innocent, with the backing of his brother Master-P, as he has been fighting for his release ever since his arrest was made.


well Looks like it will all be coming to an end very soon for c-murder as one of the Kardarshian divas Kim, who is highly known for her hard work in prison reform in the United States Of America prison system, advocating for sentence of inmates, will be soliciting for him, alongside Monica Denise

C-Murders case is not the first and will definitely will not be the last that Kim will be soliciting for. But millers case seems to be distinctive as Kim is ready to go all in for him.

She also gave her condolences to the family of late Steve Thomas who was said to have been murdered by C-Murder

C-murder couldn’t help but gush about the help is getting from Kim-K as his solicitor, for a case that has lingered for so long who wouldn’t shower praises on the reality star.


this will be an everlasting mark to be imprinted on C-Murder if he is being set free, but do you think this will pull through for both Kim, Monica and their client C-Murder? Do let us know your take on this.

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