Kora Obidi’s Husband, Dr. Dean Justin, Takes Her Side 100% In Her Career.

Nigerian US-based singer and dancer Kora Obidi seem to have her husband’s 100% support in her career, down to her almost naked dance video on Instagram.

For the first time, he tried the fan question and answered session on Instagram for his followers to ask him any questions.

Kora Obidi’s husband, Dean Justin, has responded to a follower asking how he feels about his wife going “naked in public,” all in the name of dance.

Though there were loads of questions being asked, the one that got people’s attention was when a follower asked if he loves it whenever his wife, Kora, dance naked in public.

The follower asked: “Do you love it whenever your wife naked in public?”

He responded, saying: “Based on the definition of naked, she has never gone out naked. I support her 100%. You all should be egging Cardi B’s house for being a stripper rather than bumping to WAP #cypocrites.”

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