Late Sound Sultan’s older brother, Baba Dee, lashes out at ‘fake friends’ who didn’t reach out to his wife or attend his memorial

Late Sound Sultan’s older brother, Baba Dee has addressed people who claim to be friends of the late singer but neither attended his memorial nor bothered to reach out to his widow.

Baba Dee in an Instagram post, expressed his displeasure at people who parade themselves as friends of the late Sultan but their friendship ends on social media posts and condolences. He also referred to them as fake friends, revealing that they couldn’t attend his memorial, even though it was on a sit at home Saturday.

Baba Dee wrote, “Fake friends, not a call to his wife, didn’t bother to attend his memorial event on a sit at home Saturday”.

The media personality, angered by their false friendship, cussed that their deaths will also be used to generate social media content.

“Posting pictures and videos on social media, your deaths shall also be used to generate social media content,” Dee cussed.

Dee’s cussed statement triggered reactions online. Some said that his reaction was rather harsh being that everyone has their own problems and going through something too. Others supported him saying that no matter what anyone is going through, calling or reaching out to the late Sultan’s family isn’t that much a task.

@sweetsophieeee wrote, “Everybody is going through something too, so not about being a fake friend!!”

 seun_dreams: “How I wish you can call their names just like madam Ada Ameh.” 

andyblayz: “It’s only when someone dies people show concern! Otherwise, it’s cricket for most.”

@fortuneclarushumble wrote, “List their name let’s visit their page, make them see crazy.” hottoolsng: “Wow.” 

priscllia_anthony: “Some people are just not it.” 

wambui_goodlooks: “Tell them. very fake people! You can even call the family but quick to come online to do eye service.”

 gabbysho24: “People are going through alot also but not calling his Wife… That’s Deep for the so-called friends. Hmm.”

topman_tech_services: “Many Nigerians are very good with social media / fake love. May his soul continue to rest in peace.” 

Sound Sultan died following a hard-fought battle with Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a group of related cancers that affect the lymphatic system.

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