Lawmakers Seek Bill for Constitutional Amendment

In order to ensure equal representation and decrease the urgency and intensity of demands for new states, 35 members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill for a constitutional amendment to allow for the rotation of executive powers among the six geopolitical zones.

This according to them is to ensure equal representation and reduce the desperation and tempo of agitation for the creation of states.

The legislators, led by Rep. Ikenga Ugochinyere (PDP-Imo), made the appeal during a press conference at the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday.

He stated that lawmakers were also aiming to change Section III of the constitution to recognise Nigeria’s partition into six geopolitical zones. 

He also stated that they were pursuing a single six-year term for the President and Governors of the country.

“The bill is also seeking reduction in government spending and wastage, efficiency in governance, and national stability by providing a single term of six years for the President and Governors.

According to the legislators, we want the creation of the office of two vice presidents from the southern and northern parts of Nigeria.

“The 1st vice shall be a succession Vice president, while the 2nd Vice president shall be a Minister in charge of the Economy, and both shall be Ministers.

He went on to say that prescribing an independent Consolidated Local Government Council Account was appropriate for ensuring the financial autonomy and responsibility of local governments. 

He stated that Local Councils would be fully responsible for overseeing this and that any misuse of Local Government funding would result in long-term incarceration.

He said that the bill would seek to amend the relevant sections of the Electoral Act to ensure that all elections at both Federal and State levels were held on the same day among others.

The legislator stated that if the bill becomes an Act, it will ensure that all elections and election-related lawsuits are completed within six months.

According to him, this occurs before to the swearing-in of the legitimately elected individual for the contested office.

“Ours is a commitment to building a united, stable, and prosperous nation. Nigeria can and must become a great and modern nation.

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