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Leaked chats between Alex Ekubo and Fancy Achulonu sets the internet ablaze

Alexx Ekubo and his estranged fiancee, Fancy Acholonu have set the media buzzing, after their private chats surfaced online, revealing the true reasons for their break up.

It is no longer news that Fancy and Alex ended things when they were set to walk down the aisle. 

A whole year later, Fancy popped up on social media with a lengthy apology to Alex, asking him to take her back.

She later deleted the lengthy apology, with claims that Alex manipulated her into making the public apology.

Whilst the public were still trying to place their fingers on the whole drama, Alex and Fancy’s private chat surfaced online, revealing a lot of unfiltered truth hence vindicating Fancy.

From the alleged leaked chats, it turns out Fancy wanted them to keep their wedding on a low profile while Alexx wanted an elaborate wedding he could not afford. 

More from the chat revealed Fancy had been the one footing the bills, and  the news of Alex Ekubo acquiring a multi million naira mansion last year was a faux, a bag of lies, as from the leaked chat, Fancy was focused on getting a “home for them after the ceremony as they’ve got no where to live together as man and wife.”

Also, the chat claimed Alexx had been living a fake life as he bought his doctorate degree.

From the leaked chats, it was also discovered that Fancy has been emotionally abused by Alexx. The exposé showed that the lovebirds never got intimate during their 5 years relationship as Alexx Ekubo claimed to be celibate, while reportedly sleeping with other women. From the chat, Alexx Ekubo was allegedly verbally, mentally and financially abusive.

The leaked chats also showed the conversation they had prior to Fancy’s announcing their break-up and Alexx could be seen threatening her to keep things under wraps and away from public eye.

In all of this, Alexx Ekubo has remained silent.

See the leaked chats below:

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