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“Leave to Live”- Women’s Rights Activist Weighs In On Chacha’s Eke Marriage Split

Women’s rights activist, Esther Ijewere, like many celebrities, has weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani’s marriage.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Chacha left a shocking post on Instagram where she revealed that she has been living lie. For the second time in two years, Chacha announced the end of her 9-yr-old marriage to movie director, Austin Faani.

Chacha cried out for help, stating that she does not want to die and that her estranged husband should be held responsible if she suddenly goes incommunicado. Read more here.

In response to her cry out, women’s rights activist, Esther Ijewere stated that the actress made her and others look like liars two years ago when she first announced that her marriage had ended. But having made the bold step again, it is better to “Leave to Live”, because no marriage is worth losing your safety and sanity for.

In Esther’s words;

“Leave to Live! It’s the same thing we told you 2 years ago. In Jesus name, put yourself and your kids first. No marriage is worth losing your safety and sanity for. Your children need you more. Please LEAVE. We can only advocate, the decision is yours to make. You made us look like liars 2 years ago, here we are again, Chacha, choose YOU first.”

Also, Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama who has been a victim of abuse in marriage reacting to Chacha Eke’s confession said there’s no legitimate reason for you to suffer.

According to her, abusers never change but rather they gaslight you till you question your sanity and faking it to prove a point is wrong because over the years she noticed that a typical Nigerian woman loves trauma and thinks she’s a fixer, which is the case with Chacha Eke.

Victoria emphasized that people’s validation, children, wanting to belong, shame and many more have left many stucked in an abusive marriage.

“You move totally away from Reality when you believe that there is a Legitimate reason to suffer….. People validation? Chidlren? Wanting to belong? Shame?.. There’s a thin line between life/death… Sanity/Insanity…Abusers Never Change… They Gaslighting U till U question your sanity. Faking it to prove a point…to who?..Me?…lol….Over the years I noticed the typical Nigerian woman loves trauma…Think she’s the fixer… Marriage is a beautiful union between 2 loving people… Not a Narcissist and a victim… And don’t bring your ‘ish’ to the market place then tell the ‘Mind your Business Tale’….. Life is Good….”, Victoria wrote.

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