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#Legacy King Of Pop At 62!! – The World Celebrates Michael Jackson, Even In Death. Happy Birthday MJ.

He may have left the surface of the earth, but his legacy lives on, his shoes unfilled by anyone. That’s what true demise icon leaves behind. The death of American pop singer, song writer, and dancer, was one that made the whole world stand still.

Today August 29th, the world still celebrates the birth date of Michael Jackson. Many wish he was still alive, many wonder what would have become of his career, while others couldn’t help but to wish they had still seen him alive celebrating his 62nd Birthday and not in his death.

Even in death, Michael Jackson’s social media account is still active, as they took us down memory lane, remembering his birthday.

The king of pop who was born on the 29th of August 1958, in Gary, Indiana, in the United State of America, passed on in 2009 June 25th, at the age of 50 in Los Angeles, Californaia USA. He was active in the music industry from the year 1964 to 2009. He was loved by many, even in his death.

His fashion sense, style, dance and sound are a major influence to many artists of various genres of music. His contribution to the music industry was unparalleled as many look up to him even till date.

Mj was a pop, soul, funk, disco, post-disco, rhythm and blues, dance pop and new jack swing singer. He bagged lots of awards in all genres and categories of music. Indeed, he was a total package and no one has been able to beat that. At some point, his signature was placed on auction, down to every costume that was left by him.

Michael Jackson remains a legend even in his death. Which of Michael Jackson’s songs is your all time favorite?

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