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“Let’s get divorced”- Singer Dotman and wife engage in heated argument on IG live

Olatunji Alade, the Nigerian singer better known as Dotman, and Madison, his American wife, hinted on a severe marital crisis as they engaged in a heated argument in an Instagram live session.

In the now-viral video, the couple engaged in a fierce argument on his Instagram live session where Dotman constantly repeated that he is tired of the marriage.

During the dispute, Madison was seen packing her bags and trying to leave the house with their children.

Dotman, however, tackled Madison for trying to leave with their children. he accused her of always trying to frustrate his plans to get a divorce.

He also revealed that his wife is pregnant with their third child.

“I said let’s go and get divorced, you said you’re taking the kids away to your mum. Why will you take my children…,” he said.

But Madison fired back, insisting she has the right to take the children because she is responsible for their upkeep.

“I’ve been doing doing everything…they (children) are my responsibility,” she said.

In his reaction, Dotman slammed her for insinuating he is “useless”.

“I didn’t say you’re useless,” Madison retorted.

In his response, the singer said: “You see, it’s you who do everything. She does everything, I’m useless, me staying here is just uselessly staying (sic).

“Everytime I say we should get a divorce, we are always having issues…you don’t want us to get a divorce. You have my third inside you and you said you’re going, where are you going to?

“The only thing I want you to do now is take me to court, I’ll lay the complaint for a divorce.”

Meanwhile, what led to the confrontation is still unclear.

Dotman and Madison tied the knot in 2020 and welcomed their children in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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