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Lil Nas X Declares He’s ‘No Longer Gay’ After Grammys Disappointment

Lil Nas X has declared his decision to go back into the closet after losing in every category he was nominated in at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Lil Nas was nominated in five categories, including Album of the Year, but walked away empty-handed.

Nas made a grand entrance in a glittering cape, thrilling the Grammys audience with a medley performance of tracks from his album Montero.

After “Montero” he made another entry and costume change for “Industry Baby”, with Jack Harlow joining the singer-rapper on stage.

Lil Nas X gave one of the night’s biggest performances, but he was disappointed to leave the Grammys without any new trophies.

When the ceremony ended without a single win for the hitmaker, he wrote: 

“Can’t believe i lost all my Grammys. I am now no longer gay!”

Not long after, he added: “I change my mind i want to be slutted out tonight.”

In true form, the playful musician even turned his Grammys loss into a new track as he sang about the snub in a clip shared on Instagram.

Ahead of the event, Nas joked that  “If i don’t leave with Grammys tomorrow i will be formally turning in my resignation letter to the illuminati.”

He then added: “I’m either gonna win a Grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have sex with a random stranger or lose each Grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have sex with a random stranger.”

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