Los Angeles County Sheriff Gets Sued By Vanessa Bryant, For Leaking Photos Of Her Husband Kobe And Daughter Gigi Bryant.

Its painful to recall the death of American basketball player, Kobe Bean Bryant, alongside his daughter, Gianna Bryant, and 7 others, who were involved in an aero crash.

His wife, Vanessa Bryant, is still fighting for justice to be served as she first sued the helicopter company for not being competent at their job.

You’ll recall that few minutes after the crash, pictures flooded the internet even before Vanessa and the families of other victims could get to the crash site.

According to TMZ, Vanessa has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff and his entire department, claiming they are to blame for her emotional distress. The lawsuit alleges that no less than 8 deputies at the crash site took photos on their personal phones, showing the bodies of Kobe,Gigi and other victims. The pictures spread on social media even before she and other families could get to see the bodies in person.

Vanessa also stated in the lawsuit that, the Sheriffs were not given the approval to take the photos, neither were they also given the approval to put it out to the general public, nor was it taken for investigative purpose. But rather, they took it for their own personal reason and share amongst their colleagues.

A deputy who was present at the crash site drew attention to himself. A bartender overheard the conversation of the officer who was trying to impress his lover by showing her pictures from the crash site. The bartender was said to have informed the Sheriff’s department.

According to Vanesa Bryant, the head of the Sheriff‘s department Villanueva, tried covering the report by alerting all sheriffs who had the photos from the crash on their phones to delete them immediately.

The suit also claims that Villanueva is yet to give detailed answers to why and how the photos hit the internet so fast.

The Sheriff was said to have failed to inform the other families about the pictures that were taken at the crash scene. The families of the other deceased also confirmed that they only got to know about the incident when the news and photos went viral.

Vanessa Bryant says she fears that one day, photos of her deceased husband and daughter will be brought to her face on the internet. She says she is not ready to go through that phase all over, hence, she is suing the Sheriffs department for Unspecified Damages as well as Punitive Damages.

With all these lined up against the Sheriff’s department, they are yet to respond to the suit.

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