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Man creates a unique portrait of Davido using Rubik’s cubes

Fans have come up with unique and creative ways to show their admiration for their favourite celebrity, as well as display their God-given talent.

A talented virtual artist recently displayed a portrait he made of Davido, using Rubik cubes… Rubik cubes??Wow!

The incredible artist, Jaystan Okputu, shared a video of the process while using multiple pieces of the 3-D combination puzzle to form the face of Afrobeat star, Davido. Jaystan said the piece took him a stretch of 6 hours and a total of 800 pieces of Rubik’s cube to complete the artwork.

In a caption accompanying the post, the artist wrote, “Following my school of thought, I created one of the most influential Artiste in the world, “A son of Mercy” David Adedeji Adeleke “OBO” using the Rubik’s cubes.

The music star, “Omo Baba Olowo” who with and without his music has been a source of inspiration to many young people around the world, including myself.

He has also made us believe that in as much as “A Good Time” is here, we shouldn’t relent but keep pressing on because there will always be ‘A Better Time’…”

Jaystan said this his first public artwork and “a proof to show that “Art” isn’t limited to drawings and paintings but can be created and displayed using the little things that surrounds us”.

Jaystan’s portrait of Davido has since been applauded across social media platforms, even though it is yet to get the attention of O.B.O, which we hope it would soon.

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