Manuga Urge Women to take Control of Campaigning Process

Dugu Manuga, the National Women’s Leader of the Labour Party, stated on Monday that for Peter Obi’s presidency to be realised, women must take control of the campaigning process.

Manuga emphasised the importance of the groups’ ability to influence the outcome of their candidates during the State Labour Party and “Obidient” women’s mobilisation engagement held in Gombe in preparation for the 2023 elections.

Manuga stressed that for Obi’s goal to be a reality, women must reach out, engage, mobilise, organise, and preserve their mandate.

Manuga said, “We have to take ownership and make sure we do what we need to do so that Labour Party will succeed in Gombe and the Nation at large. We will protect our mandate.”

Commenting further, the women leader explained, “Women take ownership when they see themselves as the ones who can make what you are aspiring for happen. If I see that the burden is on me for Labour Party to win, I have taken ownership, and I will do within my power to work for the party’s success at polling ward levels. You should feel that if Labour Party fails where I am, then I have failed.”

Manuga praised Obi’s forethought, particularly the inclusion of women in the campaign, and predicted that if elected, Obi would achieve the required 35 per cent affirmative action.

“Peter Obi says he will give women appointments 35-40 per cent. It will not be less than 35 per cent. Remember when he was governor of Anambra State, it was 40 per cent, not just 40 per cent, he gave strong positions to women that traditionally they don’t give women,” Manuga added.

Yelwa Manzo, the State Women’s Leader, also spoke and urged women to help ensure the electoral triumph of Labour Party candidates.

She claimed that numerous ladies were being organised in local government areas to support Peter Obi and other candidates.

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