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Maria Exposed as Cubana Chiefpriest releases more incriminating evidence

Cubana Chiefpriest has released more incriminating evidence to prove that Maria Benjamin is having an affair with his sister’s husband, Kelvin, amidst claims that she wasn’t aware of his marital status.

After Cubana called out Maria, blogger Linda Ikeji shared some screenshots which proves that Maria had no idea Kelvin was married because he lied about it and another shows Kelvin in a chat with one of his brothers-in-law claiming he and his wife had been separated without the knowledge of the family.

Countering these claims, Cubana Chiefpriest shared receipts of the divorce papers which was filed a month ago and screenshots of some chats between him Kelvin confirming that he introduced Maria to him and entertainment executive Paul Okoye only for business reasons.

According to him, his sister gave up on the marriage after she found out that her husband Kelvin sponsored Maria to BBNaija just to make her famous and when she went to Dubai to see him because he wasn’t picking his calls, she was shocked to have seen Maria in his house wearing his shirt.

Cubana Chiefpriest also revealed that his sister has moved out of Kelvin’s house and all they’re asking for is some respect from Kelvin and Maria and for the threats to stop now that the divorce proceedings are in court.

Amidst Cubana’s narrative, there are also some picture evidence proving that the alleged affair is not a sham. 

First, it was revealed that the Hublot wristwatch Maria showed off a few days ago as her own, which is reportedly worth about N5 million, belongs to Kelvin.

Looking at the photo below, you could sight Cubana Chief Priest sitting alongside Kelvin, and on his left hand, you’ll notice that he’s wearing that same watch Maria initially showed off.

It is also not a coincidence that she drove in the same car with Kelvin, while in Dubai. This was seen, through a write-up projected inside the car with the inscription, “Kelvin’s iPhone.”

Meanwhile, here’s how Netizens are reacting:

mrchidozie: “Ezemoooooo coming with receipts.”

 cruisetertainment: “In the chat she clearly stated she was misled, he probably lied about the marriage.”

 princeari: “Let’s be objective. What if the Kelvin told Maira he was divorced plus she said she’s blocked him, maybe after finding out the truth. Don’t be too quick to judge.” 

tamara_oringa: Did she say work is stressful and your marriage should not add to his stress? This one is so wicked.” 

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