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Maria stakes 3Million Naira if Whitemoney shows proof of his 18-inch hair

Whitemoney in a conversation with Maria revealed that he was able to grow his hair to 18 inches within a space of two years. Maria found his revelation quite unbelievable and staked 3Million Naira, should Whitemoney show proof of his 18-inch hair.

While conversing with Maria, White Money who has had experience with different types of hair textures in the salon as a barber, hairstylist, and colorist spoke on how he was able to grow his hair within two years but Maria who also claimed to know about hair, types of hair textures and how long it takes to grow them disagreed with White Money.

According to Maria, she knows all about hair and it is not realistic for White Money to have grown his 18 inches hair in two years, that it should take about 3 to 4 years to do that. She cited the reason for growing the 18 Inches hair in a space of 3-4 years is the hormones that is responsible for hair growth in males is not much but it’s abundant in the females.

Whitemoney tried as much as possible to state some scientific proofs but Maria found them insufficient and intangible so she placed a bet of 3 million naira which will take effect after they’ve left the house.

Whitemoney’s Instagram account manager shared throwback photos of the businessman. The pictures have received different reactions from social media users, including celebrities like actress Anita Joseph, Broda Shaggi, and Jnr Pope which made them react massively to his post. 

Reacting to his post, Actress Anita Joseph wrote: ” Ewoooo Whitemoney, is that you maziii?

@Jnrpope wrote: My Guy.

@Broda Shaggi wrote: It is well.

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