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Master KG Survives Horrific Plane Explosion

South African hitmaker and global superstar Master KG has narrated his horrific experience after he had a front-row seat to a nightmare scenario.

KG in a Twitter post, detailed that he was flying out of Instanbul when he noticed that the plane’s engine had caught fire, following a small explosion. This Turkish Airlines flight had a full tank at take-off, that is when the problem was first spotted. That meant the flight had to enter an extended holding pattern, only landing FOUR HOURS later when it was safe to do so. According to KG, The pilots did a great job, kept their heads screwed on, and made the decision to circle the airport until they could land with less fuel.

“Damm [sic] this BS flight @TurkishAirlines left side engine just exploded just after we take [sic] off from Istanbul! We had to round for [four] hours so it can lower the fuel level so we can land back at the airport. [F]or a minute I thought it was over! God is Amazing big up to the pilots”, he narrated.

Master KG posted videos of the engine on fire mid-air. Clearly shaken, he wrote: “Imagine fire coming out the flight when you’re in the air! I just wanna say big up to the pilots for saving our lives.” He added that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and that people should continue to pray.

The musician is currently on his tour, performing in several European cities and he thanked both the skillful pilots and God Almighty for ensuring that the show would go on.

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