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Media Personality Clash: Shade Ladipo Slam Toke Makinwa Over Women And Cosmetic Surgeries.

Shade Ladipo took to her Instagram story to drag her colleague Toke Makinwa after tweeting yesterday, February 24, stating why most women undergo cosmetic surgeries.

Toke stated that it’s not for men, so they should stop feeling women are doing all these for them, but themselves.

Toke had tweeted;

“Overhead a couple of guys talking about women and cosmetic surgery, dear men, I know you love to think that the whole existence of a woman is to pursue you or try to live for you, but pls take this from me, women are doing things to look good for themselves, it ain’t about you.”

“That boob job is not for you. Maybe she loves how her boobs look in cloths, that liposuction??? She wasn’t thinking of a man. She probably got tired of fighting fat that won’t shift. Women look good for themselves and not to impress men.”

Well, Shade Ladipo has reacted to toke’s tweet, as she kicked against her opinion, as she couldn’t help but wondered who women are having those surgeries for. she wrote:

“if women don’t do surgery for men then pray to tell, why do they show it off constantly in videos and pictures on the gram… I mean if you do it for yourself, then why are you showing me? After all, it’s yours abi?? Just Negodu.”

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