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Michael B. Jordan Admits Fans Occasionally Try To Fight Him on the Street

Hollywood superstar, Michael B. Jordan has been involved with the Creed franchise for so many years, many people fail to realize that he’s not a fighter in real life. Some fans even try to antagonize him when they see him, hoping to see how good his fighting skills really are. However, the talented actor and director don’t think he’s one to be messed with. 

In an interview with BBC Radio1, Jordan revealed that random people occasionally approach him on the street looking for a fight. 

“Yeah, I think it’s a natural thing,” Jordan said. “Like Sly used to say all the time—you know with the Rocky’s he’ll have people randomly coming up to him, trying to antagonize and instigate certain situations because they see us on a movie or whatnot. I mean, you think about it … somebody does something for five years, six years, they gotta know something about something, and I’ll just leave it at that,” Jordan said, smiling. 

Although he didn’t go into specifics, Jordan claims he’s not one to be messed with, due to his extensive trainings. 

Jordan starred in a string of successful films such as Black Panther and Fruitvale Station, but he’s arguably best-known for his role as Adonis Creed in the Creed franchise. Having played the role since 2015, he’s evolved as both an actor and now a filmmaker. It has also been revealed that the actor will be directing Creed 3.

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