Minister Urges Youth to Join the APC

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, has called on Nigerian youths to join the All Progressives Congress, APC as it is the only party with concrete programs for the younger generation.

Onu stated this on Tuesday after his membership revalidation exercise in unit 003, Obiozara ward one, Ohaozora local government area of Ebonyi state.

According to him, the data generated from the ongoing All Progressives Congress, APC, revalidation, and registration exercise will help promote job creation in Nigeria.

He emphasized that youths are the nation’s wealth and that they are more important than all the country’s resources. Calling on youth to embrace the party, he noted that the party would build Nigeria of their dream together with the older men and women.

Onu also noted that the revalidation and registration exercise is necessary because the party was growing and needed growth of its old and new members to help the party make provisions and projections of its spread and growth.

He stated that irrespective of the varying opinion regarding the ongoing exercise, the party has the mechanism of resolving conflicts, which he described as the party’s strength.

In his words, “APC has the mechanism to resolve conflicts, and any human organization must have disagreements, but the critical thing is that APC has the means to resolve these conflicts and we are very confident that wherever there are such conflicts at this initial stage, as revalidation and registration exercise proceeds, definitely we will get them resolved.

“The revalidation and registration are very important because the party is growing and you know the APC was registered in 2013, many people don’t know that we are barely seven years old as a political party, and as we are growing there is the need from time to time to have the revalidation because there are those who were members before but are no longer members and new people are coming into the party.

“I call on young people, the youths in Nigeria because the future belongs to them, and the youths are the treasures of Nigeria. I’ve said that with all our natural resources, Gold, Silver put together, the youths are far more valuable.

“We are lucky that the bulk of our nation is made up of young people. So I would like to call on the young people to come into APC, because this is a political party that means well for the nation, so that the young and the old, men and women, working together, we’re going to build the Nigeria of our dream.

“This will be very good for us so that we should be able to find jobs for all those who want to work, and we should be able to have enough money in the pockets of Nigerians to fight and defeat hunger and also poverty.
“Mr President has made a promise that in ten years, 100 million Nigerians will be moved out of poverty,” Onu added.

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