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Mo Bimpe finally speaks out on sex for roles allegations against Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actress, Mo Bimpe, wife of Adedimeji Lateef has finally spoken about the circulating rumours of having an escapade with Yomi when she was working with him.

During a question and answer session with her fans, a fan asked if she is in dispute with him over sex for role allegations.

Mo Bimpe described the reports as untrue and stated that Yomi didn’t ask her out until she finished shooting his movie.

According to her, Yomi stated that if he knew she would have turned his proposal down, he would have made his feelings known before shooting the movie with her.

Mo Bimpe added that she isn’t on talking terms with the actor because he told her to either date her or be enemies with her and she had no choice but to choose the latter.

“NO! In fact he didn’t ask me out till we finished his movie I featured in (tho he said if he knew I was going to turn him down then he would have done that before shooting the movie). We don’t relate cos he insisted on either dating me or being enemies and I had to choose”, she responded.

It will be recalled that back in 2021, Bimpe  said Yomi Fabiyi almost frustrated her out of the industry because she refused his sexual advances.

“The major reason is that I didn’t make myself available for his sexual needs despite how much he tried but doing this to a child is just too much. Yomi Fabiyi needs to be stopped. Enough is enough. Thank God for his grace, if not I would have given up on this dream because of his constant harassment, bully and threats”, she said.

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