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Moment Nicki Minaj threatened to slap a reporter for leaking information on her attendance at MET Gala

A TikTok video posted by entertainment journalist Sharon Carpenter is gaining traction online as it captures audio from Minaj as she appears to threaten a reporter whom she claimed leaked information on her MET Gala attendance.

The 2022 Met Gala which took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City featured a range of celebrities wearing extravagant clothing. Minaj turned up dressed in black with dots over her body and face and unique-looking baseball cap-type headwear but Minaj’s altercation has become a talking point.

While she walked the red carpet, Minaj spotted someone who she seemingly felt she had to confront. She claimed that the reporter leaked information about her intentions to attend the show.

The video which was shared by entertainment journalist Sharon Carpenter had the caption, “Nicki Minaj confronting reporter for leaking info on her Met Gala attendance.”

In the video Minaj can be heard saying, “Hey you. Are you the man that leaked that I was gonna be here?” A voice off-camera can then be heard saying, “Me?”

“Yeah you.” Minaj replies, “It was you. About to come up to you and slap the s*** out of you. Come here.” The video abruptly cuts off and it’s unclear whether the exchange was serious or in jest.

The video has been viewed over two million times and received thousands of likes and comments. While fans like TikTok user @get_hai praised Minaj with comments like “this is how you wear a hat to the met,” others wrote about the incident.

The video garnered the following reactions:

A TikTok user wrote, “She always has to argue with someone,” with a facepalm emoji. 

@Texxastayy echoed the sentiment and wrote, “Always got beef w someone like girl just chill.” 

Another user, @dessssiiree pointed out “Lmao he was doing his job.”

While her words may have sounded stern, some fans commented that the incident was a joke. TikTok user lubaiko wrote, “I hope yall realize she was joking, they purposefully cropped out the part where she was laughing up the steps. Another video of the same moment from a different angle was shared on Twitter. It cuts off at almost the same point but just before the video ends, Minaj can be seen grinning.

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